lmao like. talk about “hating allos” all u want, but pls keep in mind that??? sexual attraction is not celebrated when it’s not abled white male sexual attraction, and allosexual queer people and poc and women and disabled people are marginalized for exactly the thing you’re making fun of.

too many people grew up thinking they were broken for not feeling sexual attraction, but many more grew up punishing themselves for any ounce of sexuality they couldn’t completely suppress. and ace discourse that ignores that in its haste to make fun of allosexual people is useless.


when you headcanon something so strongly that it’s jarring to read something in a fic that contradicts it

like why would you say that why would you write that that is Wrong


the sugababe


the sugababe


req for kozume-kenma 

once upon a time i drew a gijinka of kero from cardcaptor sakura. how long ago was it, mari? long enough thats its old and gross and i dont wanna link it
anyway i redrew the design for funsies 


once upon a time i drew a gijinka of kero from cardcaptor sakura. how long ago was it, mari? long enough thats its old and gross and i dont wanna link it

anyway i redrew the design for funsies 


unknownusername replied to your post “hi but have you considered bigender lev tho”

chinhands whispers softly yooooo

whispers softly

think about lev learning to apply make up and nailpolish. think about lev dressing up as a princess one year for halloween and then later on just wearing his beautiful princess gown when he just wants to feel pretty. think about lev in lacy delicate lingerie. think about lev’s long legs covered in thigh high stockings. think about lev loving to wear high heels. think about lev having a tumbllr and posting selfies and being just ever so pleased after receiving a message saying ‘you’re the most beautiful girl i’ve ever seen <3’

Kaworu talks for 7 minutes
Akira Ishida

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Here’s a 7 minute mashup of Kaworu’s lines taken from various eva games. I couldn’t find the original nico video but someone ripped it and uploaded it to youtube over here. Though a lot of the lines were translated by /a/nons ages ago, I haven’t seen a complete translation so I decided to put one together for you guys. 

Keep in mind these are all OFFICIAL lines spoken by Kaworu Nagisa in OFFICIAL games

okay here it is:

*humming Ode to Joy*
I’ve been waiting for you, Shinji-kun.
So, we finally meet.
I was worried about you.
Shinji-kun, you were looking for me, weren’t you?
I can feel the warmth of your love.
Hehe, I know everything about you, Shinji-kun.
I always long for you, Shinji-kun.
Hehe, you seem confused.
You’re lovely even when you’re sad.
Come, let’s go! We’ll indulge in a little rendezvous~ I can’t wait, Shinji-kun.
As long as I’m with you, Shinji-kun, I don’t care if we get lost.
To think you would grace me with your presence, Shinji-kun…
You are worthy of love. I mean, I love you.
I’ll entrust you with everything, because I want to feel your love.
If you have a hole, I’ll fill it.
Shinji-kun, your profile is so lovely.
Your smile is like a sunflower in a field.
If I could embrace you, I could release you from your fear.
Shinji-kun’s scent, like sweet milk.
Your bed is so soft. I’d like to sleep in it.
Shinji-kun, have you ever considered my feelings?
I love you.
I want to BEEEEEP with you, Shinji-kun.
What’s wrong, Shinj-kun?
Hehe, I’m sure you’ll be able to understand.
Of course. I want to do it, no matter what.
I want to feel you and know you. I want to know you! Because I love you! Shinji-kun… Thank you, Shinji-kun. I’m so happy. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.
An Ode to Joy is resounding within me. Let’s play a duet together.
Nervous? You got all stiff. It’s because you’re tense and excited and scared, I imagine.
I know everything about you.
Shinji-kun, when we touch it’s like heaven! Nay, a moment of pure bliss! You’re so sweet.
A single rose is more lovely than the most extravagant jewel.
Shinji-kun, you seem both expectant and bashful.
Hehe, is your libido throbbing?
Eros is a natural instinct. An urge which serves the dual purposes of self-preservation and reproduction. A tempestuous, corporal desire. Lust…
I have an interest in what might happen from here on.
I’m talking about being naked as the day you were born.
I can share my body warmth with you.
Shinji-kun, I want to see it. For my own sake too…
Know joy and it can even make you stand taller.
Shinji-kun, your eyes are as beautiful as obsidian. I love you.
I just had the sudden urge to embrace you.
Hehe, are you afraid?
Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. For your sake, alright?
My eyes exist to behold you. Flowers exist to carry your scent. And my lips exist to convey my love for you. These arms exist to embrace you. Now, come to me.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes, Shinji-kun.
I love you. And you are worthy of love.
Did you feel anything?
Have you had enough? I’ll grant your wish. Now, let’s go.
Shinji-kun…did it hurt? I guess I couldn’t have avoided hurting you like this…It must have been quite painful. Thank you, Shinji-kun. I was happy…
Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who should be apologizing, right? I’m the one who kept pressing you after all.
Shinji-kun…you’re so kind.
Shinji-kun, maybe I was born to meet you.
Good night, Shinji-kun.
I’ll see you tomorrow.
We’re both men after all, we can be lovers forever.

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slithers over flops down on the floor hello does anyone have any hq transcanons they wanna share